What a fun but busy year. We get to put amazing healthy fun puppies in homes and people get to enjoy picking out their best friend.   Thank you to the wonderful loving families that we had the pleasure of  dealing with in the year 2020.
Also if you are interested in 2021 Summer litters let me know we have opened those as well. I apologize to any texts, emails or phone calls I didn't answer back. If you left a message and didn't an answer back then I didn't see the message. We were overflowing with puppy request in 2020 with everyone staying home and wanting a precious  friend.   I might have missed some. Please feel free to call me. Thanks, Amy.

Prices 2021

 F1 Aussiedoodles $2500-$3000

F1b Aussiedoodles 3/4 Poodle & 1/4 $3000

Bernedoodles $3500

F1 is 1/2 Poodle & 1/2 Bernese  $3500

F1b is 3/4 Poodle & 1/4 Bernese $3500


Next litters  

Summer/Fall 2021


                             F1  Tinker & Nitro 50-75 lbs. $3500

                                 F1b Timber & ? (45-65 lbs) $3500      


Indi & Nitro 35-50 lbs. $2500 (Red)

 Ariel & Nitro 40-50lbs.  $3000 & up (Red)


                                Sorry List is Full

Here are some quick pictures of the Moms & Dads that have litters coming up. Please check out the mom and dad pages also. Thanks, Amy

Timber (bernedoodle 45-65 lbs) He is from our Tinker & Nitro:) He is such a sweet, loving boy and fun!

DSC08523 (2).JPG

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to

love as unconditionally as a dog !!!