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Blessing, Amy

Thank you so much to all the families that took the time to right a review, but most of all thank you for giving these puppies such good loving & safe homes. We do this because we know how amazingly canine family members complete our lives.

Thank you from our family to your family:)

                             The Vesbach's

My Poodle puppy is the best!

She is so smart and is really a great puppy. She never cried when I put her in her crate and is really very smart with training and is a pretty good girl overall. I got the AKC paperwork at the time she was delivered to me. I hope I can get another puppy from Amy in the future. My puppy was clean and healthy when she arrived, I can tell she was very well cared for by Amy and her family. Thank you!

Reviewer: Tara, February 19, 2018


Best puppy ever

We had no prior knowledge of poodles or Amy and her family until we found them on here. We could not possibly be happier with Maggie! She is loyal, smart, loving and great with people. We told Amy that we were looking for a member of our family who could also be involved in our photography studio. Maggie was the puppy of choice and WOW! She is all of that and more. She is with us 24/7 in the studio and at night goes mountain biking. If you are looking for a family raised puppy look no further.

Reviewer: Crystal, November 15, 2017  

   Absolutely wonderful!

We purchased Ella from Amy at Vesbach Doodle farm when she was about 5 months old. When we drove out to the farm to pick up Ella, we were able to spend some time with her parents, Nitro and Lulu, who were both of calm and friendly temperaments. Ella was not only fully house-trained when we got her, but she was also well socialized with the other dogs at the farm as well as the kids in the family. Ella has been a wonderful addition to our family. She's smart, playful, friendly, and full of so much love. Amy Vesbach was great to work with and I highly recommend her poodles to anyone looking for a well-loved pup!  

Reviewer: Izzy, October 22, 2017

  Standard poodle puppy

Being the owners of a wonderful Standard Poodle already, it was no small task to find just the right puppy to add to our family. We looked at many before deciding on one from Vesbach Doodle Farm. Knowing that they were breeding for temperament made all the difference. Amy was very helpful during the decision process, and answered all of our questions. We drove 14hrs to meet the breeder, puppy and parents, and were able to interact with the puppy and her family before purchase. We stayed at multiple hotels on the way home, and the puppy did great! She traveled well, and became potty trained on the way home! Since day two, we have had zero accidents. She learned "sit" and "come" within a week! She is a quick learner, and is not timid. New settings, new noises, rest stops with big trucks, vacuum cleaners, etc., nothing rattles her. And after just a week and 1/2, she is sleeping through the night! Such a wonderful puppy! We highly recommend! -Happy in North Caralina

Reviewer: C, October 11, 2017

   In Love with our Aussiedoodle

We fell in love with the pictures. His eyes melted our hearts. I never thought I would buy a dog site unseen and have to have him flown to us. But Amy was great to work with!!! She found a flight and we had him in a few short days. He got off the flight happy and giving everyone kisses. He has a great temperament. He is amazing with our two girls and all the friends who are stopping by to love on him. He is walking on a leash and sitting beautifuly. We couldn't be happier and feel like our family is complete again. Great dogs and the family is great about acclimating them.

Reviewer: Allison, September 22, 2017   

   Adorable puppy

We purchased our puppy from Amy a week ago. We live in the West and were concerned about the transporting such a young little girl from Wisconsin to Arizona. Amy handled all the paperwork, transportation needs and when the puppy arrived, she was happy and content. One would not know she had been travelling about 9 hours in a kennel to get to her new home. Our puppy, Lacey, is loving, calm, attentive and we could not be happier. We highly recommend Amy's pups because you can tell they have been raised in a loving family environment.

Reviewer: Shari, September 22, 2017

   Wonderful Standard Poodle girl

We bought a red standard poodle puppy from Vesbachdoodle Valley Farm. They are very kind people who really care about their puppies and dogs. I could tell instantly these dogs are apart of her family. My vet was pleased how healthy she was at first visit. Our girl at 10 weeks is pretty much potty trained. At 8 weeks when we got her she was well on her way. She knows the difference between outside and inside. She also knows it is time to be ruff with our other dog outside. But when she is inside she settles down. That show's me that the breeder works with their puppies. At 10 weeks my girl pup is so smart. I worked with her 1 day and she has already picked up the sit command. She is so loving and nothing scares her. I have taken her places to meet new people not a bark sits on strangers laps sometimes falls a sleep. She really is not scared of new situations. Just an all around great puppy. I recommend this breeder to who ever is looking for a well rounded puppy.

Reviewer: Brandi, September 11, 2017

  Standard poodle from Amy

Gotta tell you this little guy is a blessing! We adopted a male 4 months old standard poodle . He is everything Amy described. Beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament. Learns fast, is very cuddly, Sometimes goofy. This dog is laid back when we are and full of energy when we are. I'm so glad he was brought into a home that exposed him to kids, cats and other rural animals. Couldn't have wished for a better dog. I am so thankful that we found the listing from Amy. Drove three hours to pick up the little guy and it was the best decision ever. If you are looking for a great dog , look at Amy's listings. I'm glad we went with the little older pup, as he is very secure and loving and a lot of the hard work was already put in place so the training we are doing now is going very well. I highly recommend her dogs.

Reviewer: Dawn, September 7, 2017


I was so impressed with how responsive the breeders are. They always got back to me quickly and were very patient/helpful with my numerous questions. They clearly care about their animals and it shows in the temperament of my pup. Great experience, would definitely recommend them!

Reviewer: Kate, August 17, 2017   

     Amazing pup

I've had one of their puppies for over 3 weeks now, and he has a wonderful temperament. Loves people and greets them in a calm, friendly, well-socialized way. Very adaptable to new situations and is not afraid of new noises like the vacuum cleaner or thunder. Is playful but after playing for 15 minutes at a time, will relax, lie down, and just wants to be my company or with other people. I've already taken him to the nursing home and he was a natural. Oh and he loves kids in special way. Everyone who meets him is amazed. I really think he's going to be an excellent therapy dog. I highly recommend this breeder! Amazing pups!               

Reviewer: John, June 30, 2017   


   Beautiful Pups, Wonderful People!

I purchased a 3 and a half month old Male Standard from Doodle Valley farm over the weekend. Not only was the pup a wonderful specimen, but he was smart and very well socialized as well! He is completely potty trained, with not one accident in the house in 48 hours! All of the breeding animals are part of the family, and stay in the home! I would highly recommend this breeder! She currently has a litter of parti pups - and they are adorable!    

Reviewer: Dave, May 8, 2017

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to
love as unconditionally as a dog !!!

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