Available : Polly  (Female)            

 Polly is a gorgeous blue merle girl with white on her paws and a naturally docked tail. She might have blue eyes. Maybe 40 lbs. full grown. They are very SWEET!  $2500 neuter/spay contract unless otherwise agreed for an additional price.

We raise healthy, beautiful puppies with amazing calm temperaments for pets, therapy & service dogs. We nurture their neurological health starting at just days old. Our Small (Moyen) Standard Poodles, Bernedoodles & Aussiedoodles are wonderful loving companions & a part of our family.  Please in home living only. The puppies will be vet checked, up to date on shots, dewormed, dewclaws removed, Poodles tails docked (Not doodles unless asked early enough). Some of Dixie's pups are born with docked tails. They will have a good start on potty training & crate training. They are sweet, smart and catch on fast. These Poodles/Doodles are raised in our home with A LOT of love and attention, a lot of people interaction from infants on up and around other dogs of all sizes. They already have a strong trusting bond with us so they will bond easily with you and your family. Limited registration unless otherwise discussed for an additional $1000 fee. All of our Mom & Dads are health tested. We test through Embark. 1 -2 year health guaranty.

Available Bernedoodles

NItro & Tinker's F1 Bernedoodles!!!
Born June 18, 2022  $3500-4000    50-75 lbs

The Males

Available. Styles is black and white  Tri (copper) boy. He is so sweet, gentle, fun and loving.  $4000

DSC02046 (2).JPG
DSC02039 (2).JPG
DSC02072 (3).JPG
DSC02071 (2).JPG
DSC01979 (2).JPG
DSC02041 (2).JPG
DSC02051 (2).JPG
DSC02053 (2).JPG

Available.  Jackson is black and white  Tri (copper) boy. He has the sweetest eyes. Jackson is so fun, sweet and loving. These pics don't do him justice. He is so adorable.  $4000

DSC02157 (2).JPG
DSC02169 (2).JPG
DSC02179 (4).JPG
DSC02019 (3).JPG
DSC02153 (2).JPG
DSC02151 (2).JPG

Available.  Basset is black and white  Tri (copper) boy. He has the sweetest Bernese eyes.  Basset is so sweet, gentle and loving. $4000

DSC02124 (2).JPG
DSC02133 (2).JPG
DSC02116 (2).JPG
DSC02103 (2).JPG
DSC02125 (2).JPG

The Females

Available.   Winnie is a bigger black and white  Tri (copper) girl. She is so fun, sweet & loyal. Winnie is built like the Bernese  mountain dog & has the spunk like the Bernese. $4000

DSC02098 (2).JPG
DSC02092 (3).JPG
DSC02093 (2).JPG
DSC01747 (2).JPG
DSC02090 (3).JPG
DSC01731 (2).JPG

Bella & Timber's F1b Bernedoodles!!!
Born March 31, 2022  $4000-4500    50-65 lbs
8 healthy puppies, 5 males & 3 females


The Males

Available. Harley is black and white  tri (copper) boy. He is so sweet & loving. He is good with kids & loves people. He is such a sweet loving & handsome boy.  Harley is neutered & is mostly kennel, potty & leash trained. $4500

DSC01563 (2).JPG
DSC01561 (2).JPG
DSC01568 (2).JPG
DSC01571 (2).JPG

The Females

Available!  Nala is a F1b  small black & white little girl with beautiful big curls. Nala is low energy, cuddly and loves to be near her people. Nala is very good with children & other dogs. Her Bernese eyes can melt a persons heart. She is SOOO sweet. Maybe 50 lbs $4000.

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DSC02697 (3).JPG
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DSC02688 (2).JPG

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to
love as unconditionally as a dog !!!