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We raise healthy, beautiful puppies with amazing temperaments for pets, therapy & service dogs. We nurture their neurological health starting at just days old. Our Poodles, Aussies, Bernese Mountain Dog & Doodles are wonderful loving companions & a part of our family & live in our house. So, inside living only and please, no puppy brokers or mills. Our puppies are well socialized and started on house training and crate training.

Our family raise these beautiful puppies but we also home school and do foster care for babies & toddlers. So I thank you in advance for your patience if I don't get back quickly enough. During the summer we camp and venture out a lot and sometime don't have cell service where we go. I try to call/message back with in 24 hours. But I also really appreciate if you don't hear from me in the 24 hours if you would please try again just in case I don't get your message or phone call.

We live in the rolling hills of Vernon County Wisconsin on a 40 acre farm. Which we have cattle, pigs, cats and our 4 legged friends.

Our foster babies are usually very small newborns (sometimes 4 lbs.) when they come to us. Which is feedings every 1-2 hour to start out and as they get older they get louder (haha). Mornings are usually crazy around here with puppies, home schooling & babies. Afternoons (12 or after) are easier to talk on the phone or reply back to messages. I look forward to talking and thank you again for the extra patience. Blessings, Amy

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Please look around. Because I am building this website myself it is taking longer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please feel free to call or text me. If I don't answer my cell phone please call our home number. I don't always carry my cell around the house. Blessings, Amy.            

Cell 1-608-606-2874                         Home 1-608-625-6570   

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to
love as unconditionally as a dog !!!

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